Las Vegas

CREW Network (formerly NNCREW) officially began operations January 1, 1989. During the 1980s, independent organizations were formed across the country for the sole purpose of assisting women to grow and advance in the many aspects of the commercial real estate industry. The members were able to exchange information and develop business contacts. The unique element of these groups was not that they were oriented toward women in a predominantly male industry, but that the groups brought together representatives from a wide variety of professions, all of whom were involved in some way with commercial real estate.

In 1986, a federation of these groups was formed. These east coast groups included Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland, Philadelphia, Detroit and Washington D.C, and made up the original CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women)-National. A similar federation had formed on the west coast called WICRE (Women In Commercial Real Estate)-National Network, with member groups in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and Phoenix.

Leadership from the two groups met and realized they were driving to the same goal, and both were in just about the same place in the process. Rather than interrupting either group's momentum, they agreed to complete their separate formation processes, with the end result of eventually linking the two groups together.

CREW National held its first convention in Washington D.C. in 1987. Members of the WICRE attended, as did several unaffiliated groups from around the country. These groups urged the two federations to join together and form one national group; one unified federation.

In 1988, the WICRE-NN convention held in Los Angeles brought together the Boards of Directors from both east and west coast federations. It was at this time that NNCREW - the National Network of Commercial Real Estate Women was established, and the bylaws were drafted, accepted and signed into being. NNCREW began with eleven chapters and 1,100 members. CREW Silver State, now known as CREW Las Vegas, was started by several prominent business women, many of whom are still involved today. CREW-LV has become a prominent real estate group in the Las Vegas valley. Monthly meetings, networking opportunities and community service projects make CREW what it is today - a beneficial resource to women in the real estate industry.

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