Little Red Roster

The Little Red Roster (LRR) is a perk of being a member of CREW Las Vegas. It is a membership directory that is given to all CREW Las Vegas members. The LRR contains all the names and contact information of all the CREW Las Vegas members. CREW Las Vegas is the only commercial real estate organization to offer a hardcopy membership directly to their members.

Be sure to pick up your LRR at the next CREW Las Vegas event!

If you are not a member, do not miss out on this vital directory. Contact us today about joining!

3 Ways to use the LRR:

  1. Highlight members you would like to get to know better,pick up the phone and introduce yourself. Remember there is no cold email in CREW Las Vegas.
  2. A client looking for a service you think a member can provide? Search the LRR by specialty. Call that member and let them know you are making an intro so they are prepared for the call. Close a deal on a referral? TELL CREW about it!
  3. Know of a person that would be perfect for CREW Las Vegas? Go ahead, give them a glimpse of your LRR but remember no handing it over.