CREW Las Vegas February Luncheon: State of the Las Vegas Construction Industry

crew february construction panel
Construction Panel: Jim Colegrove – Burke Special Projects, Shawn Danoski – DC Building Group, Alan Jeskey – AJB General Contractor

The February luncheon began with a welcome from our chapter President, Natalie Wainwright, and a call to action to network! All business cards were exchanged and introductions were made at each table.

run for the roses

Sandy Liston, Leslie Becker and Samantha Coronado shared the exciting news about the next big CREW Las Vegas event and urged all to mark the calendar for April 26 from 5-8 for Run for the Roses! The enthusiasm from Leslie, Sandy and Samantha was infectious. The benefactor for this year’s Run for the Roses will be the Folded Flag Foundation. The Folded Flag Foundation supports families of fallen soldiers with education or other expenses.

A special guest, Danny Rice stopped by to announce the new and improved PowerBroker has been rebranded as CREConfidential. Danny said to keep the press releases coming and please stop by the new website and check out the makeover!

Jennifer Ott of ROI, made a presentation to remind all members that not only is Natalie now on the board of CALV, but please consider joining this worthwhile organization for $200 per year. CALV unites the Las Vegas commercial real estate industry and needs your support. Please mark your calendar for their next mixer on May 2nd.

Jim Slack, Director of Programs introduced Kathy Blond – Martin-Harris Construction, as the moderator of the construction industry panel. The panel included Jim Colegrove – Burke Special Projects, Shawn Danosky – DC Building Group and Alan Jeskey – AJB General Contractors.

The overall theme of the panel was growth for the city and that the major issues facing construction in general is a shortage of skilled labor. Additionally, Las Vegas is slated to grow in populate over the next 5-7 years to 3,000,000 and that will put incredible pressure on the industry to be able to keep pace.

A message to all brokers in the audience was to get your clients to be realistic about the time frames and constraints of the process. The main reason is due to regulatory agency hurdles. The regulatory agencies are also facing issues as their labor is short staffed as well.

Kathy Blond – Martin-Harris Construction said her important takeaway for brokers was Alan Jeskey – AJB General Contractor’s response informing the commercial real estate audience how helpful it would be to call the GC’s early in the negotiation process. Even if they are going to bid with different GC’s, get at least one to look at the project to help explain some of the processes from the GC side. It certainly can be a time saver for all. They can bring lots of insights on leasing space for the best outcome for project, review plans, provide information for pricing accuracy, parking, etc. Involve them early on.

The panel was in consensus that after this next economic boom, the city of Las Vegas will definitely change. Although Las Vegas has been known for parties, gambling and entertainment, with the progress that is transpiring with the Raiders and Knights, Las Vegas is soon to be a sports orientated destination. Hotel occupancy rates are expected to soar as a result of this new city that is transforming before our eyes.

Driver-less cars will also impact the construction industry. It is expected that parking lots and garages will become opportunities for conversion or more building as they adapt to the changes.

The development and construction markets are about to hit a new momentum with the ripple effects from the entry of professional sports to Las Vegas, and I am excited to be a part of it! Shawn Danoski, DC Building Group.

carla jewell purse winner

Congratulation to Carla Jewell, NSDC – Nevada State Development Corporation, winner of the purse raffle.



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