This CREW Las Vegas Holiday Luncheon was a 10!

CREW Las Vegas December 2017 Luncheon
Our group selfie!!

How can a holiday luncheon be that good and rate a 10? Well it was. From star studded guests to an amazing moderator, insight into the minds of the 2018 committee chairs and the icing on the cake, the incredible White Elephant Gift Exchange. Of course, there was a lucky winner of the coveted black and white purse! The President of CREW Arizona, Sally Bach, was so kind to attend as she was in town for a special birthday bash and said, “hey I definitely need to see my Las Vegas pals!” We were reminded us about the upcoming CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit being held February 1 in Tucson, AZ. For more information check it out here.

In reality, everyone was a winner at this luncheon. We all walked out with an opulent gift (less than $10) as we are all really crafty spenders and we all got something either yummy or something we would never indulge in ourselves.

The moderator was Mindy Kermes, our President Elect, and she knocked it out of the park! Although she felt a little hesitant to dare to step into Natalie’s shoes, she did it with grace and style. I know Natalie would have been super proud.

The committee reports gave us peek into what we can expect in 2018 and those speakers included: Samantha Coronado, Director of Community Outreach, shared a little about the family CREW adopted for the holidays and that we had surpassed our goal to help give them a great Christmas, Brittany Kemer, Director of Marketing & Media, talked about CREW marketing and stated she is looking for some help from CREW members to join the Marketing & Media committee to help write blog posts for the new website, Carol Cline-Ong, Director of Membership, gave her new member report, Jim Slack, Director of Programs, discussed upcoming events and invited CREW members to submit suggestions to him regarding different people they would like to see speak, and Sam Stitcher & Sandy Liston discussed upcoming plans for the special event.

A new sponsor member, was introduced and founder, Linda Day Harrison, spoke about her excitement in joining CREW Las Vegas and how she looks forward to getting involved. Linda stated she was honored to be working with Brittany in helping with the Marketing & Media committee.

December 2017 Holiday Luncheon Raffle Prize Winner
Natalie Manning Raffle Winner!

The winner of the magnificent black and white, “must-have” purse was Natalie Manning with ABG Buildings. She was just giddy was excitement to win that beauty!!

The grand finale was truly something you would not believe unless you were there. It was a cleverly narrated White Elephant that took so much creativity and just a great sense of humor to compose and that was all put together by Samantha Coronado. She did a fantastic job of reading her clever words and guiding the entire luncheon as they jumped up and down, laughing hysterically as they exchanged their White Elephant treasures. We were all laughing so hard and getting into the holiday spirit.

Of course, Natalie was missed, but she was doing something so special by attending the CRE // Tech New York event so we gave her a free pass on missing this special day. We figured her report on her experience will be worth it! We do look forward to hearing all about Natalie’s experience at the next luncheon planned for January 16, 2018 at 11:30 am to be held at The Las Vegas Country Club. Click here to register.

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 See you all soon and happy new year!