CREW Las Vegas: March Luncheon Brokers Tell All on Tech

crew march luncheon

crew march luncheonNatalie Wainwright kicked off the luncheon with our network time at each table. While all were exchanging business cards and making friends, Natalie asked Melissa Campanella, the Chapter Champion, to enlighten us on what she has going on with the CREW Foundation.

Melissa broke it all down and shared the 4 aspects to the CREW Foundation which are:
1. Scholarships
2. Industry Research
3. CREW Careers – High School
4. CREW Careers – College Level

The goal for the CREW Las Vegas chapter is to get 100% participation from the board of directors and that has been achieved. The next step is for the chapter to raise $1,000 in 2018. Melissa said it will be achieved through the various events planned. Run for the Roses, golf tournament and remaining generous donations from our members. There were envelopes on the table for the audience to take and add whatever amount they can afford to donate to get the chapter to reach its goal.

crew march luncheon

Natalie than introduced the new members and new sponsors, as well as the current sponsors and thanked all for their support.

The luncheon was sponsored by a new member, Nevada General Construction, represented by Mike DiFabbio. Mike said he was afraid of attending CREW events and being the only guy in the room. Now he realizes, that is not the case and he is thrilled to be part of CREW Las Vegas. Nevada General Construction focuses on Tenant Improvements and Ground-up Construction!

The Folded Flag Foundation is the charity we are supporting during our special event, Run for the Roses, in April. Tom Rankin is the Las Vegas representative of the Folded Flag Foundation and he described the organization as providing scholarships for surviving spouses and children of fallen soldiers. Support even extends to suicide victims family members which really makes the Folded Flag Foundation different from other fallen soldier organizations.

crew march panelCassie Catania-Hsu of Sun Commercial was introduced as the moderator of the panel on technology for brokers. Cassie then introduced the panel including Jen Ott, of ROI, Dan Palmeri of Cushman and Wakefield and Cathy Jones of Sun Commercial. Each of the panelists answered questions such as, how has technology changed the business, are you seeing deals from social media, name a technology you cannot live without, behind the scenes what does it take to make a deal, what is the longest time it took you to make a deal, trends in the market, did you have a mentor, what advice do you live by, what is the best method for people to reach you today.

Here is an example of the wonderful insight that came from the panel on the topic of technology!:

Q. How has technology changed the business?

A. Jen OttJot Forms. Use as tenant rep to enter all about a site and it generates my tour book. I am too busy in my job to use technology, but I love MS Excel!

A. Dan Palmeri – Technology has changed how we promote our business. It has helped us, as well as using a CRM, which helps with our follow up. Our motto is “brand and expand”.

A. Cathy Jones – We use technology in many ways. We use REA CRM a couple of different ways. For example we use it to create competition to see who gets the most new contacts, for instance. It helps keep track of all notes. Clients are so impressed when you remember a requirement from 6 months ago, because you noted it in REA. We have multiple drones and they have improved our packages greatly. We use InDesign to build packages and we are always getting compliments on our presentations. Also, an update to our website that we are planning is automated confidentiality agreements.

Q. Name a technology, app or website you cannot live without?

A. Jen OttSTDB is amazing. It has demographics, pictometry and I can go on and on. I use STDB constantly.

A. Dan PalmeriFeedly RSS Reader to view all things I am interested in seeing. I see news before I leave the house in them morning. Notability let’s me upload m tour book and can update while I am walking space. I can draw on it too. Very useful tool.

A. Cathy JonesREA database and Outlook.

leslie becker purse winner


The purse raffle was held and the winner was Leslie Becker!! Way to go Leslie. Thanks to all who contributed to our raffle. All of the raffle proceeds help to support our chapter goals!