CREW Las Vegas March Luncheon Provided Contracting Insight

Our wonderful panelists and moderator did a great job!

Mindy Kermes our President, announced a change of order for this month’s meeting! Instead of doing our business first, we are going to start with our panelists! It is nice to change things up sometimes! You never know what you might learn!

First order of business was to thank and introduce our generous sponsor, Steamatic and the outgoing and super helpful Dennis Cicala, ASCA, HVAC/IAQ Division Manager of Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning. Dennis made a brief introduction and reminded us all that when we are really in need of serious clean up, reach out, he is there for us. Dennis also presented our CREW Las Vegas, past, present and future presidents a gift on behalf of Steamatic! Thanks Dennis for being such a courteous and generous sponsor.

Please help us welcome our new photographer, Adrienne Angelo of DragonFly Portrait Design. You will see Adrienne around our meetings and events, so please say hello and welcome her! We think she is doing a wonderful job of providing us with high quality and professional photos to memorialize our events. Thank you Adrienne for joining our CREW Las Vegas chapter and providing us with this much needed service.

Mindy introduced our moderator of the panel Wendi Schweigart, NDL Group and upon acceptance of the podium, Wendi announced that it was in fact Women in Construction Day, so our timing of our luncheon was just perfect!

The panelists included:

Moderator — NDL Group – Wendi Schweigart, Marketing Director

Burke Special Projects – Jim Colegrove, Managing Partner

AJB General Contractor – Alan Jesky, Owner

DC Building Group – Gary Siroky, Chief Operating Officer

The overall takeaways from the panel were that a multitude of things impact a construction project, but the number one issue is communication and getting the clients informed as early in any project as possible. If your client wants to lease or build a new building, involve a contractor as early in the discussions as possible. Many agree that delays and issues are not really delays, but inaccurate expectations on what timelines really are.

Complications in timelines include government permits and approvals, labor shortages, material shortages and just the fact that nobody wants to pay for expediting, which can be cost prohibitive.

The outlook for Las Vegas as a whole is very positive and the pipeline of work on the construction side is well into 2020. There is no stopping construction in the near future.

When asked about projects being planned with new parking requirements of the future and driverless cars, none of the contractors have experienced changes due to this potential change in transportation. But it was noted that the new Raiders stadium is being built to hold 66,000 people and has only provide for 2,000 parking spaces!

Message to brokers: Get contractors involved as soon as possible to learn what realistic timelines are in Las Vegas.

Committee Reports

Maria R. Herman was asked to speak about the upcoming Run for the Roses event scheduled annually in May. Maria reported that this year will be the 12th year for CREW’s Annual Charity Event! Also she urges everyone to mark your calendar for Thursday, May 9th from 5 – 8 pm. The event will support the Dress for Success organization this year as well. Sponsorships are still open and we need help, so please let Maria know if wish to get involved!

Danielle Black is on the golf outing committee this year and she is asking asking for help to join her on the committee, as well as for volunteers to help out in general The golf outing is scheduled for June 14 at Siena Golf Club.

Cassie Catania-Hsu shared an exciting CREW Network event for ALL CREW chapters to compete and earn points. It is a play on the already “Take a Child to Work Day”. The idea is everybody is to Take A Girl to #CRE Work Day! Each of us can take a daughter or neighbor or friend to work and show them about a career in commercial real estate. If you participate Cassie asks that you take a picture and use the hashtags #CREWLasVegas + #BringaGirltoCREDay that will be announced as the date gets closer. Please watch for Cassie’s announcements. For every picture sent out via social media and hashtagged, our chapter will earn points so let’s do this!

Brittany Brown announced a very special fun event, which is a tour of Eataly at the new Park MGM Resort. Openings are limited so if you want a tour of Eataly and mix and mingle with your CREW LV pals, sign up as soon as you can!

Linda Day Harrison talked about the CREW LV blog. The blog is the communication center of our chapter. Check it out and keep up with new members, new board members and other exciting updates. We also have a repository of photo albums so feel free to use them and share those images on social media to help promote CREW LV. Also if you have news, please share the link with us by tagging us on social media. Feel free to tag @CREWLasVegas and or @theBrokerList, we will be sure to RT or share your news!

Purse Winner
Our super happy purse winner this month is Wendy Damian of Statewide. That purse sure did make her a happy camper! Our purse was shopped for by Danielle Black of Cragin & Pike Insurance and all proceeds of the purse raffle benefit our chapter and our chapter community activities.
Event success! If you missed this one, you are probably sorry! Huge thanks to our sponsor Wells Fargo for the amazing tour of Eataly. It would not have happened without our our Social Planner, Brittany Brown! Thanks Brittany! Thanks to all who showed up and enjoyed this amazing evening. For more pictures, visit our photo album of the evening here.

Coming next…..

Do not forget we have put together a rare opportunity to mix, mingle and learn about cars at the Shelby American Heritage Center on March 26, 5 – 7 pm. Please join us for this incredible event. Get your ticket here.

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Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.