CREW LV Holiday Party 2017 at Tivoli Village

CREW Las Vegas Holiday Party 2017
The CREW Las Vegas Holiday Party was Sponsored by Tivoli Village!

Perfect holiday location in Las Vegas: Tivoli Village

Perfect holiday cocktail party location in Las Vegas: Leticia’s (just opened, of course)

Perfect group to celebrate with: CREW Las Vegas Members

Yes, it was top notch and as always was a warm way to sip cocktails and munch on delicious appetizers while we toasted to the end of 2017 and welcome to 2018. A huge thanks to our sponsor Tivoli Village for providing the amazing venue at Leticia’s and the food and drink. We are always so grateful to our generous sponsors.

Natalie was prepared with ample santa hats for all to wear and welcomed all of the guests with her amazing presence and kindness. It was very nice to have the leader of CREW Las Vegas greet each guest. So classy!

The location was really ideal. Tivoli Village was adorned with beautiful lights and really put us all in the holiday spirit. Again, it was an ideal location.

Nothing like checking out new venues as Leticia’s just opened so we all felt so lucky to get to visit this new restaurant at Tivoli and experience a taste of their cuisine.

Overall it was a wonderful holiday party and there was plenty of networking and members getting to really know each other. All in all another success!

Wishing all a wonderful new 2018!