Get to Know Your Board

Get to Know Your Board Members: Carol Cline-Ong, Director of Membership

carol cline-ong

carol cline-ongWho is your employer and what do you do? MDL Group – I am the CEO AND Co-Founder of the company. We are a full service commercial brokerage and property management firm.

What is your commercial real estate background? How long have you been in commercial real estate? How did you get started in the industry? I have been in the industry over 32 years – my primary area of expertise is Property Management. I also focus on business development, clients relations and operational excellence.

Why did you join CREW? How long have you been a member? This is my third year at CREW – Why I joined is easy, the energy, synergy and common thread of interacting with one another for the common good is AMAZING and ADDICTING. To have the opportunity to be apart of this was such an honor.

What is your position on the board of directors? How long have you been on the board? I have been on the board 2 years as Membership Chair.

Why did you join the board of Directors? To Pay It Forward and Give Back

What do you bring to the board and the organization? Over my 30 plus years in this industry I’ve had the opportunity to sit on many boards and it is my hope that my experience will add to the already amazing dynamics of the group. Structure, exposure to what and how others have done things allows possible additional dimensions to serving the members of our amazing chapter.

How has business networking with CREW helped you? The dynamics and transparency of the members is awesome. I can pick up the phone and call any of the chapter members with a question and will get a detailed and informed response. This is followed up always with a “glad I could help, let me know what more I can do”. Doesn’t get any better than that when one is navigating the day to day activities of our industry!

How long have you resided in Las Vegas? If not a native, where are you from originally? I am a native Nevadan, second generation. I was born in Henderson at the original St Rose Delima hospital.

What do you do for relaxation and fun? Several things:  Spending time with my Son, Daughter-In-Law and the two amazing grand babies we have been blessed with is at the top of the list. I attend Orange Theory Fitness 4-5 times a week, jog a bit when the weather permits (have done two half marathons), I am an avid reader of inspirational and business related books and I try to get to our Prescott, AZ cabin once a month with my husband.

Anything else about yourself you would like to add? Not about me – about you. I encourage you to come to a CREW lunch or event and spend some time with us. The electricity in the room and sincere commitment to support and help one another is something to experience. If you are a current member of CREW, jump on a committee. Giving Back and Paying It Forward is what its all about.