Get to Know Your Board

Get to Know Your Board Members: Samatha Flaherty, Director of Community Outreach

Who is your employer and what do you do? I am a commercial sales executive for First American National Commercial Services, working to bring in new business in the form of commercial real estate purchases/sales and refinances.

What is your commercial real estate background? How long have you been in commercial real estate? How did you get started in the industry? I started my career in the title industry in 2014 in Arizona as a marketing rep.  Throughout my years in title, I have worked in both sales and escrow.

Why did you join CREW? How long have you been a member? I was involved with the Arizona chapter of CREW and loved the support given to women in our industry.  When relocating to Las Vegas, I knew that CREW was one of the first organizations I wanted to join.

What is your position on the board of directors? How long have you been on the board? I have been on the Board of Directors for one year, serving as the Director of Community Outreach.

Why did you join the board of Directors? When I learned that there was an opening on the Board of Directors for the Community Outreach position, I knew it was something I wanted to get involved with.  Not only has it allowed me to grow within the CREW organization, but it has helped me to grow personally as a leader as well.

What do you bring to the board and the organization? I feel I bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to our CREW Las Vegas chapter.  As someone who has seen how other chapters and organizations have operated, I am able to offer suggestions as to what will work best for our chapter.

How has business networking with CREW helped you? Business networking within CREW has always been less intimidating than at other organizations.  Being able to connect with other women on a more personal level has helped raise my confidence when walking into other networking events as well.

How long have you resided in Las Vegas? If not a native, where are you from originally? I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and relocated to Las Vegas in 2015.

What do you do for relaxation and fun? My husband and I are weekend warriors, taking road trips and mini-vacations during the weekends usually twice a month.  When we’re not traveling, I spend a lot of time crafting—making shirts and signs, painting, woodworking, etc.—that I sell online as a side business.  We are also expecting our first baby in November!