July 2019 Luncheon Educates us on the State of Education in Las Vegas

As is customary, our meeting was kicked off by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Mindy Kermes.

Mindy welcomed all of our luncheon guests and introduced them to Agnes Lyons, our chapter ambassador. Agnes does a fabulous job of welcoming guests and answering their questions about membership in our chapter. Thanks to Agnes for all she does to make our guests feel welcome.

Thanks to all of our sponsors who make our club what it is, by their ongoing support. Mindy asked we give the sponsors a round of applause.

A reminder of our mission: Move our commercial real estate members forward through networking, professional development and to bring us all together.


Community Outreach Committee – Wendi Schweigart – We are continuing our fundraiser for school supplies through August 1st. Please go online to our CREW Facebook page or our CREW website to donate through our Amazon Wish List. School starts August 12th, so please make sure to donate as soon as possible. We also have our Three Square event on Saturday, where we will spend time giving back by packing meals for our community. Thank you to everyone who is signed up to attend.

Social Events Committee – Brittany Brown – We have so many fun things planned and hope to see you at our President’s dinner. Seating is limited so please sign up asap. We also have a fun time planned for us on August 21st to attend an Aviators game. We will have 60 seats so please bring your family. We have an event planned for every month for the rest of the year so we hope you take time to mix and mingle at one of our social events.

Mindy announced we have many new members and all of the new members to be pinned are:

Bob Stewart, Old Republic Title

Dana Berggren, The Coop

Renee Carroll, Prologis

Cathy Cekoric, Dominion Environmental Consultants

Amanda Comatov, Prologis

Jade Kopittke, Prologis

Heidi Meidenbauer, Colliers International

Minjia Yan, Millennium Commercial Properties

Julie Quisenberry spoke about the benefits of the Leadership Certificate Program. Julie reminded us that this event included the top trainers from all over the country and we can learn so much for this experience. Also note the CREW Network convention in 2021 is being held in Las Vegas.

Tonya Twitchel heads up our Crew Leadership and Legacy program. The 5 month program is our 2nd year of offering this incredible opportunity to learn about yourself and what your legacy in life can and should be. The program begins August 23rd so please sign up for this amazing series.

Our lunch sponsor is Bank of Nevada, A Division of Western Alliance Bank and John Guedry, CEO spoke about how dedicated Bank of Nevada is to insuring education is a fully supported aspect of our community. Education involving career and technical programs are vital to our community success. This is the first time this leadership has come together as a panel on behalf of Clark County to talk about this important topic. “It is our pleasure to host the luncheon.” – John Guedry, CEO, Bank of Nevada, A Division of Western Alliance Bank.


Russell Mickelson, CEO STEM Academy

Dr. Federico Zaragoza, President College of Southern Nevada

Dr. Jesus Jara, Superintendent of Clark County School District


  • Preparing students for careers and college is a top priority for our community.
  • It is important to cultivate an environment to get people and companies to move to our community.
  • Key issue is get kids college and career ready.
  • Partnerships are underway with major employers like Nellis Air Force Base to teach kids to measure G force. The goal is to expose kids to career possibilities and create a vision of potential careers. Less than 6% of the population at Nellis actually fly jets.
  • All students progress in school and graduate prepared to succeed and contribute in a diverse global society.
  • Student success is the core business of the school system.
  • Adopt a school or classroom is vital. The school system would like to see all schools get adopted.
  • Mentors are a key aspect of success too. To get involved and be a mentor check out the pilot program here.
  • Economic development is crucial in our community. Right now there is a 3.8% unemployment rate. We need to sustain momentum as companies look for infrastructure and workforce. Companies want to be here to either expand or retain workers.
  • Talent development requires these mandatory ingredients to succeed:

1. Tier 1 university
2. Amazing community college system
3. Best performing school systems.

Purse Raffle was held and thanks to one of our generous board members for purchasing such a beautiful and summer themed bag. The winner of the raffle was Linda Day Harrison of theBrokerList. Thanks to all of our members and guests for purchasing these raffle tickets. The money raised helps us do so much for the community.

Upcoming Luncheon Dates:
Thursday, September 5
Thursday, October 3
Thursday, November 14
Thursday, December 5

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Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.