May 2019 Luncheon Diversity Focus Ryan Patel Fireside Chat

The amazing Mindy Kermes started the meeting out with a warm welcome to our sponsor of the luncheon and recent new member Prologis! Prologis was instrumental in our recent “Take A Girl to CRE Day” and it had rave reviews. It seems the young ladies and the commercial real estate companies involved all benefited from this historic day in our chapter history.

Fifteen young girls were provided lunch and tour of the Hughes Center. The word of the day was logistics and these girls embraced it head on. Some of the leaders overheard the girls discussing this very word and felt it was a true success that these proteges picked up the lingo so quickly! Thank you to all members of CREW Las Vegas for their support and cooperation during this wonderful event.

Renee Carroll spoke about Prologis and their commitment to CREW Las Vegas and how they wish to step up and do more to help young women learn about the commercial real estate industry.

If anyone is interested in working with Prologis to discuss the mentorship program, please reach out and the Prologis team will be all ears.

Another oversold luncheon in the record books for CREW Las Vegas. It was so full there were bistro tables brought in to accommodate the packed attendance of those eager to hear Ryan Patel and his fireside chat with Natalie Wainwright!

This luncheon was buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm to have our much loved Immediate Past President, Natalie Wainwright have this incredible opportunity to meet Ryan Patel in real life and for the fact that Ryan flew out to our city just to be with us!

Ryan was so gracious and kind to all of us. Many of us had pictures taken with him and were able to have a few moments of one on one discussion with Ryan. It was an amazing afternoon.

Natalie did a terrific job of asking some great questions and she was especially excited and honored to meet Ryan and be able to do this one on one fireside chat. As you can see from her social media here, she was really enamored with the entire experience.

We thank Ryan so very much for taking time from his busy schedule to join us and answer questions about one of his passions: diversity!

A passionate committee report from Melissa Campanella was on the topic of our annual fundraiser and our “Get Your Bling” pin by making a donation to the CREW Network Foundation Chapter Challenge 2019. The cool thing about donating to the foundation is two fold. First you get to pick your desired giving path and second you get a really beautiful blinged out, Las Vegas-style “CREW” pin. Melissa charged up the audience to get them to log into CREW Biz and take care of business. On top of all of that great stuff, our chapter will actually get points so we need our members to please donate. It can be $1 or, if more than $25 dollars, you get the bling pin.

A big shout out to one of our new CREW Las Vegas members who was pinned at this luncheon too, our very own photographer Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design. We are thrilled to have you join our chapter and we are so very impressed with your excellent photography talent!

The world famous CREW Las Vegas luncheon would not be complete without the equally famous luncheon purse raffle. Each month a CREW Las Vegas board member shops for an extravagant purse. Attendees buy raffle tickets that help our chapter as well as help our various charitable events too! Thanks to Samantha Flaherty for buying this month’s beautiful purse and congratulations to the winner Leah Martin of Leah Martin Law (Official attorney of CREW Las Vegas).


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Please note the June and July Luncheons have moved to the 2nd Thursday of the month due to the CREW Network Leadership Summit and Independence day. Please mark your calendars for Thursday, June 13 and Thursday, July 11.

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Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.