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Member Spotlight: Chris Hunter

chris hunter

chris hunterWho is your employer? TMC Financing

What is your position and what do you do? As Senior Vice President of Business Development, I lead TMC’s Southern Nevada team and work with commercial real estate lenders to serve small business owners via the SBA 504 Loan Program. Through education and consultations, I provide small and medium sized businesses with affordable financing options to allow them to purchase commercial real estate which will enable them to fix their occupancy costs. From there, I identify, organize and prescreen potential loans for my lending platform, the SBA 504 loan. As an advocate for small business and economic development, I develop and maintain relationships with local lenders, brokers, and community groups to educate and edify their lending knowledge. 

How long have you worked for them? I am new to TMC Financing, I officially started on Oct 2, 2017 last year, but have been working in this program since May 1999. 

Who were you previously employed with, as it relates to the commercial industry world? I was employed for 7 years with Nevada State Development Corporation, a direct competitor. 

What is your commercial real estate background? How long have you been in commercial real estate? I have been in commercial real estate since 1999. In the Las Vegas market since July 2006. 

How did you get started in the industry? It was a summer job through the athletic program that I never knew existed. I stated to the coach who found us work that I didn’t want to move boxes or steel all summer and wanted to use my mind and do something within the realm of my degree. He gave me two options: 1) with the county of Salt Lake performing audits all summer or 2) work with a small company doing financial analysis and perfecting a new excel spreadsheet to grade and identify troubled loans for their portfolio. Number 2 sounded more intriguing and was practically across the street from where I lived. Turned out that company, Mountain West Small Business Finance and I fell in love with each other and they offered me a permanent position.

Why did you join CREW? How long have you been a member? I was threatened by the incoming president… no, I had been around CREW at Moments and have always enjoyed those groups that were engaged with their members and I read through my visits that CREW was that type of group. 

How do you hope CREW will (or how has it already) assist(ed) you? They have kept me engaged and by word of mouth and through activities I have been able to develop new and retain existing relationships. Also, I have been educated through their luncheons on topics I did not know I would be interested. 

Has business networking with CREW helped you? If so, how? It has, I have been in an event, we all have those days we are not feeling the most communicative, but through the spirit of the leadership and the others in the room, it has pulled me up and brought me out of funks. 

What would you like to ask CREW members about CREW? What have they gotten out of CREW membership or what they hope they can get out of CREW? Also, where they envision CREW to be a tool for their career?

Do you belong to any other commercial real estate organizations? Yes, a few. CCIM, SIOR, NAIOP, Henderson Chamber to name a few.

Are you interested in joining any committees in CREW? (membership, sponsorship, special event, programs, marketing/media, special programs) I need to get out of my shell, so yes 

How long have you resided in Las Vegas? If not a native, where are you from originally? I have been here since July 2006 and was raised on the coast of Oregon in North Bend. I also did 10 years in Utah. 

What do you do for relaxation and fun? Annoy people (dang good too)… I exercise, hang out with friends, foodie, movies, games, annoy my son.

Anything else fun and interesting about yourself you would like to add? I am my own best friend… and worse critic. And those who know me best, “It’s my first day…”

tmc financingTMC Financing is a Certified Development Company that provides commercial real estate financing for owner occupied commercial real estate to small business owners via the SBA 504 Loan Program. TMC consistently ranks among the top CDCs in the nation, and has funded projects worth more than $9 billion across California and Nevada. In 2008, TMC expanded their reach to Southern and Western Nevada and since then has helped over 208 small business owners gain access to over $132 million in SBA Financing. Small business owners are able to provide 10% of the project cost as a down payment and the remaining 90% will be provided by a conventional lender in conjunction with the CDC.

Say hi next time you see Chris at a luncheon.

Chris can be reached at 702-469-6077 or