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Member Spotlight: Linda Day-Harrison

linda day-harrison

linda day-harrisonWho is your employer? Founder of theBrokerList

What is your position and what do you do? Being a Landlord agent for decades I valued the importance of knowing all of the brokers in my market. I saw there was no easy was for people to stay on top of who was where and who was who. We always maintained manual broker lists and had to keep up on where the brokers where. We called it our “broker list” and that is how I was inspired to develop the idea.

Founder of the I manage the entire business including promoting the brand, identifying advertisers, blogging, using social media and being a commercial real estate ambassador. Our industry needs positive influences and I try to do that every single day when interacting with the public.

How long have you worked for them? The site was founded in 2011.

Who were you previously employed with, as it relates to the commercial industry world? ManagerLabs is my company and before founding theBrokerList I did consulting and provided services through ManagerLabs, such as acting as a subject matter expert for BOMI International and teaching online classes for BOMI, which I still do to this day, on an as-needed basis. It is a blast.

What is your commercial real estate background? My strength has been in office and office leasing on the Landlord side. My last iconic assignment was managing the NAR headquarters on Michigan Avenue and redeveloping the property to maximize the NAR’s property value and income. It was one of the more challenging assignments due to the political nature of working for an association!

How long have you been in commercial real estate? Since 1983

How did you get started in the industry? Started at the Mies Van Der Rohe property at 900/910 Lake Shore Drive under 2 female CPMs. They were incredible and strong women who mastered property management.

Why did you join CREW? How long have you been a member? I could not say no to Natalie and Dan! They are incredibly passionate about CREW LV and I could not turn down their enthusiastic offer to join. I just want to make a difference and help all that I can.

How do you hope CREW will (or how has it already) assist(ed) you? Believe it or not I needed to get established with a primary care doctor for my husband and I and Kathy Blond was so kind to give me several recommendations, which worked out great. Also meeting Natalie, Dan and Brittany has been a gift from heaven. They are so upbeat and talented and they are fabulous social media mavens. I am hoping to find more social media Las Vegas pals as well.

Has business networking with CREW helped you? If so, how? I have only been a member for a few months, but have been attending CREW Luncheons and I have met so many people. I have not really gotten to know any of the members, but it all started when I was invited to speak on a panel last year. It was meant to be! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in commercial real estate in Las Vegas, so I am up for Natalie’s networking challenge!

What would you like to ask CREW members about CREW? Who founded CREW?

Do you belong to any other commercial real estate organizations? I was a CPM and CCIM for decades. I have just given it up when I moved to Las Vegas as I really am not using those tools any longer in my business.

Are you interested in joining any committees in CREW? Marketing/media would be my favorite committee, go figure! LOL. (Linda is a huge contributor to the CREW Las Vegas blog, “reporting” on events and she also collaborates with Brittany, the Director of Marketing, on exciting new features to bring to the members. We are very grateful to have her as a member and on our marketing committee!)

How long have you resided in Las Vegas? If not a native, where are you from originally? Chicago, Illinois

What do you do for relaxation and fun? Spend time with family and my dog Toodlebug, cook, garden, explore all Las Vegas has to offer, cook, go to thrift stores and estate sales, they are amazing here!

Anything else fun and interesting about yourself you would like to add? Yes, I met my husband who was a tenant representation broker on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago while attending a real estate banquet! It was meant to be. I owe so much to my career, but most important was meeting my fabulous husband, John. tool is an opt-in way to unite all of our cre organizations and the affiliated members so we may message and find each other or groups of our colleagues and save those lists for future reference.

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Success in the commercial real estate industry depends on a number of drivers – but the most important is the depth and quality of business relationships. All other factors being equal, human nature drives us to choose to do business with “friends” or good acquaintances.

Say hi next time you see Linda at a luncheon.

Linda can be reached at 312-212-3611 or