Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Owen Calvin – LandCare

Who is your employer? LandCare

What is their line of business (time for business plug, provide information on your company’s services, etc)? After two decades in business and now with more than 4,000 employees coast to coast, LandCare is one of the most comprehensive providers of commercial landscape services in the United States. We’re proud to be consistently ranked as one of the top landscape service companies in North America. Specializing in landscape management, landscape design and installation and irrigation and water management. Recognized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals with a 2018 Community Partnership Award for Outstanding Company Culture.

What is your position and what do you do?
Account Manager which means customer service, estimating, proposal development, presenting about LandCare, networking, landscape quality audits

What WE do is in our Core Values:

  1. Delight Customers. Every time.
  2. Lead with confidence and integrity.
  3. Work hard, smart and safe. Every day.
  4. Inspire others with meaningful environments.

Have fun with a commitment to teamwork.
How long have you worked for them? Since January 2013

Who were you previously employed with, as it relates to the commercial industry world? N/A

Why did you join CREW? How long have you been a member? Community involvement. I’m brand new to CREW.

How do you hope CREW will (or how has it already) assist(ed) you? Building relationships.

Has business networking with CREW helped you? If so, how? I have already met some of the CREW lunch attendees at previous associations. Seeing them more often builds stronger relationships.

What would you like to ask CREW members about CREW? Is there a limit to the number of categories per member? For example, can only a certain number of landscape companies join?

Do you belong to any other commercial real estate organizations? IREM and BOMA

Are you interested in joining any committees in CREW? (membership, sponsorship, special event, programs, marketing/media, special programs) What is Special Programs?

How long have you resided in Las Vegas? Vegas Born

What do you do for relaxation and fun?  Road trips to CA, AZ or UT. Taking trips to places I haven’t been in the US or abroad. Trying new restaurants, movies, listening to music, playing first-person video games, binging Netflix, Hulu, etc. I also love getting massages for stress relief at least once a month. I recently starting back working on EDM music production.

Anything else fun and interesting about yourself you would like to add? I have a rescue dog named Gypsy. I will always be the one at networking events not drinking. People consistently think my first name is Calvin. It’s a long running joke that makes me either roll my eyes or laugh.

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