theBrokerList tool is an opt-in way to unite all of our cre organizations and the affiliated members so we may message and find each other or groups of our colleagues and save those lists for future reference.

tBL, is a dynamic, interactive, collaborative community of commercial real estate Brokers and CRE Professionals. FREE for Broker Members and CRE Professionals, tBL is the first and only platform in the commercial real estate industry that carefully verifies the credentials of its Broker Members to insure that they are actually active in the commercial sectors and are not simply posing as commercial operators.

Success in the commercial real estate industry depends on a number of drivers – but the most important is the depth and quality of business relationships. All other factors being equal, human nature drives us to choose to do business with “friends” or good acquaintances.

WHY JOIN theBrokerList?

tBL greatly enables members to grow their networks, expand their horizons and collaborate with other members in all markets where tBL has members. Since it is an accepted fact that the majority of commercial sales deals done are with brokers or principals from other, not local, markets, the tBL system is well suited to open up new market potential and new relationships that Brokers and CRE Professionals can use to grow their businesses.

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